Command Line

Ardy’s command line, by default, search a config.json at the same path that the command is running. But you can set a different path with the argument -p.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f CONFFILE, --conffile CONFFILE
 Name to the project config file
-p PROJECT, --project PROJECT
 Project path
  • deploy: Upload functions to AWS Lambda
  • invoke: Invoke functions from AWS Lambda
  • build: Create an artefact

If you want to deploy all your AWS Lambdas defined in your config.json file

ardy deploy

Or if you want to deploy a specific list of functions, you can deploy the AWS Lambdas with:

ardy deploy MyLambda MyOtherLambda

You can deploy only an environment:

ardy deploy MyLambda MyOtherLambda dev
ardy deploy MyLambda MyOtherLambda pre
ardy deploy MyLambda pro

Example Scenario

You have a project with this structure:

├ lambda-subproject
│ ├ lambda1
│ │ └
│ ├ lambda2
│ │ └
│ ├ lambda3
│ │ └
└ config.json

The path of your project is /var/www/main-project/lambda-subproject and a config.json like that:

  "version": 1,
    "region": "eu-west-1"
  "deploy": {
    "deploy_method": "FILE"
  "Role": "arn:aws:iam::01234567890:role/service-role/LambdaTest",
  "Runtime": "python3.6",
  "lambdas": [
      "FunctionName": "MyLambda",
      "Handler": "your-project.lambda1.my_handler.my_handler"
      "FunctionName": "MyOtherLambda",
      "Handler": "your-project.lambda2.main.main.my_handler"

You’re in /var/www/main-project/, and want to deploy MyLambda:

ardy -p lambda-subproject deploy MyLambda

But, if you’re in /home/Caerbannog_user/, and want to deploy MyLambda:

ardy -f /var/www/main-project/config.json -p /var/www/main-project/lambda-subproject deploy MyLambda